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Exclusive design Rich look Beautiful stiched via alubaidiya Burqa Collection, alubaidiya Burqa is a producer of great Islamic clothing for girls. Existing for extra than 15 years, Alubaidiya Burqa has been promoting its merchandise each to companies and privates everywhere in the international, and has obtained a very strong enjoy in expertise call for and expectation of its marketplace and modern-day design. Front close...Front frill...Botom loose...Excelent design ClothSoft flowy and cozy cloth. 

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Afghani Pakol Cap

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Grey pakol | tradional cap

Afghani Pakol cap

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Afghani Topi Pakol

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ajrak for men


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Ajrak is a conventional piece of Sindhi culture. It typically measures 2.5 to three meters with unique square printed structures and examples in extreme hues, generally rich dark red and profound indigo with some white and dark used to characterize the geometric symmetry in plan. In Sindh, it is given as a token of regard to visitors; men use it as a turban or wind it around their shoulders, while ladies use it as a dupatta or wrap it as a shawl in winter. It is additionally set on a box as a characteristic of regard.

Creative individuals have utilized it in various ways and now kurtas and bed cloth are being showcased globally utilizing the conventional Ajrak design. Its utilization can be followed to the old Indus Valley civilization (3500-1500BC). A ruler minister doll that has been uncovered in Mohenjodaro demonstrates him hung in a shawl, which is accepted to be Ajrak.

The way toward making an Ajrak is profoundly perplexing and contains 21 phases. The conventional skilled workers utilized indigenous, privately delivered materials for the printing of Ajrak. In spite of the fact that the technique is in fact the equivalent, common colors have been supplanted, partly, by business colors.

Ajrak For Men Shawl 

ajrak shawl for women

Ajrak Sindhi shawl for Female

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Ajrak (Sindhi: اجرڪ) is a call given to a completely unique shape of block-published shawls determined in Sindh, Pakistan. These shawls display special designs and patterns made the use of block printing by stamps. Common colorings used whilst making these patterns may also include however aren't restricted to blue, purple, black, yellow and inexperienced. Over the years, Ajraks have turn out to be a image of the Sindhi subculture and traditions.

The manner of Ajrak block printing takes time, crew work and special abilities. The 3 major gear of a block revealed fabric are the timber blocks, the material and the dye. It can take five carvers up to 3 days to create an difficult layout in a block of teak to be used as a printing block. The printers can also deplete to 30 blocks to complete a design. Separate blocks are required for every of the colours utilized in a layout and it is not unusual to have four or 5 colorings in a expert design. It can take twenty human beings, each doing a separate undertaking, up to 8 hours to put together a single block printed garment. With all this, the results can only be particular and it seems this system of block printing has been used for hundreds of years and continues to be in vogue. brings you the best price for  Cotton Polyester Ajrak Shawl For Women 


Color: Multicolor Ajrak

Material: Cotton Polyester

Shawl For Women

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ajrak cup

Ajrak Cup

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Ajrak Cup

Ajrak cup design available at our Store Premium Quality Material Design .

It is accessible in 11-ounce sizes, our top-notch white and dark earthenware espresso cups include fold-over craftsmanship and substantial handles for simple grasping. Dishwasher and microwave safe, these cool espresso cups will be your new most loved approach to devour hot or cold refreshments. Enchantment Mug Accessible in 11 ounces these astonishing mugs are plain dark in their typical state, But when you pour a hot drink the unique oxidized ink makes an enchantment and the plan shows up onto the mug. These are not prescribed for microwave use. Alubaidiya premium quality mugs come in top quality appealing box bundling which is good to go to present as a blessing to your friends and family with no need of further blessing wrapping.


ajrak Printed Shirts

Ajrak Printed Suit

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Ajrak Printed Suit 

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