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Exponi Water Proof

Exponi Water Proof

1,850.00 1,450.00

Main Features:
- LED personalized sports to watch, excellent searching, suitable for many activities, designed for each ladies and men
- Double time: analog and digital to show time
- Rubberband is smooth to wear and strong in structure
- 3ATM water resistant is handy to your day by day existence, whilst you wash hands, wash face, needn't to take off the watch
- Give you specific time at any time and anywhere
- It is also a great gift for you, sweetheart and your pals

Exponi Water Proof


Omax Leather Strip

Omax Leather Strip

2,250.00 1,450.00

Omax Watch for men Available at Best Prices in Pakistan We only offer Luxury Watches around the World 100 % Quality Approved Watches With 7 day Return Policies 

Leather Wrist Watch 

ajrak Women suit

Ajrak Women suit

1,699.00 1,499.00

Ajrak Women suit

Ajrak Women suit Available Free Home Delivery Premium Quality suit Women Favorite Choice  Collect Now available 

Contact us Today Or Shop Now Free Delivery Within 7 days 

ajrak Printed Shirts

Ajrak Printed Suit

Rated 5.00 out of 5
1,699.00 1,499.00

Ajrak Printed Suit 

Pakistan Cultural Style with Modern Look Available ajrak style Cloth for men Buy Now Free Home Delivery For More Details Contact Us Today 

Ajrak Suit

Ajrak Suit

1,699.00 1,499.00

Ajrak Suite 

Buy Ajrak Suite Pakistan Sindhi Cultural dresses Available at alubaidiya.pk Decent Look 

Material: Lawn
Screen Printed.
8 Meters(Approx)
Disclaimer– Due to differences in screen settings across gadgets in addition to photographic lighting sources, actual colors of the product may barely vary in comparison to how they are seen in your display screen.



999.00 699.00



Women rings

Women Rings

1,299.00 999.00

Women rings 

Buy Women rings at reasonable rates only at alubaidiya.pk.Colour Gold Type Artificial   Premium Quality rings We only deal with luxury products for more details Contact us our support team available 24/7 for your Remaining queries What App number 03340800018  


Custom T Shirts

Custom T Shirts

Rated 4.50 out of 5
1,299.00 999.00

Custom Printed T Shirts 

Custom Printed T Shirts YOUR NAME AND NUMBER Men T-shirt Summer shirts Tops Personalized Custom Printed Cotton Tee Shirt 50-130KG Big Plus Size S-3XL

Returns acknowledged whether item not as depicted, purchaser pays return shipping charge; or keep the item and concur discount with merchant

Custom shirts are extremely mainstream approach to advance business or for individual use. Regardless of whether you need a custom shirt for a promoting occasion or for individual use, we have all you secured. You can alter a gold name shirt as indicated by your style. Custom shirts are likewise extremely convenient to display somebody as a blessing. AlUbaidiya gives brilliant shirt printing on the web benefits inside entirely reasonable costs.

For Order Please Whats App 0334-0800018


ajrak cup

Ajrak Cup

Rated 5.00 out of 5
999.00 699.00

Ajrak Cup

Ajrak cup design available at our Store Premium Quality Material Design .

It is accessible in 11-ounce sizes, our top-notch white and dark earthenware espresso cups include fold-over craftsmanship and substantial handles for simple grasping. Dishwasher and microwave safe, these cool espresso cups will be your new most loved approach to devour hot or cold refreshments. Enchantment Mug Accessible in 11 ounces these astonishing mugs are plain dark in their typical state, But when you pour a hot drink the unique oxidized ink makes an enchantment and the plan shows up onto the mug. These are not prescribed for microwave use. Alubaidiya premium quality mugs come in top quality appealing box bundling which is good to go to present as a blessing to your friends and family with no need of further blessing wrapping.


ajrak for men


Rated 4.86 out of 5
1,299.00 699.00

Ajrak For Men Shawl 

Ajrak is a conventional piece of Sindhi culture. It typically measures 2.5 to three meters with unique square printed structures and examples in extreme hues, generally rich dark red and profound indigo with some white and dark used to characterize the geometric symmetry in plan. In Sindh, it is given as a token of regard to visitors; men use it as a turban or wind it around their shoulders, while ladies use it as a dupatta or wrap it as a shawl in winter. It is additionally set on a box as a characteristic of regard.

Creative individuals have utilized it in various ways and now kurtas and bed cloth are being showcased globally utilizing the conventional Ajrak design. Its utilization can be followed to the old Indus Valley civilization (3500-1500BC). A ruler minister doll that has been uncovered in Mohenjodaro demonstrates him hung in a shawl, which is accepted to be Ajrak.

The way toward making an Ajrak is profoundly perplexing and contains 21 phases. The conventional skilled workers utilized indigenous, privately delivered materials for the printing of Ajrak. In spite of the fact that the technique is in fact the equivalent, common colors have been supplanted, partly, by business colors.






Exclusive design Rich look Beautiful stiched via alubaidiya Burqa Collection, alubaidiya Burqa is a producer of great Islamic clothing for girls. Existing for extra than 15 years, Alubaidiya Burqa has been promoting its merchandise each to companies and privates everywhere in the international, and has obtained a very strong enjoy in expertise call for and expectation of its marketplace and modern-day design. Front close…Front frill…Botom loose…Excelent design ClothSoft flowy and cozy cloth. 

Note We Accept custom order as well 

Black and yellow abaya-01



Exclusive design Rich look Beautiful stiched via alubaidiya Burqa Collection, alubaidiya Burqa is a producer of great Islamic clothing for girls. Existing for extra than 15 years, Alubaidiya Burqa has been promoting its merchandise each to companies and privates everywhere in the international, and has obtained a very strong enjoy in expertise call for and expectation of its marketplace and modern-day design. Front close…Front frill…Botom loose…Excelent design ClothSoft flowy and cozy cloth. 

Note We Accept custom order as well 



Rated 5.00 out of 5


Exclusive design Rich look Beautiful stiched via alubaidiya Burqa Collection, alubaidiya Burqa is a producer of great Islamic clothing for girls. Existing for extra than 15 years, Alubaidiya Burqa has been promoting its merchandise each to companies and privates everywhere in the international, and has obtained a very strong enjoy in expertise call for and expectation of its marketplace and modern-day design. Front close...Front frill...Botom loose...Excelent design ClothSoft flowy and cozy cloth. 

Note We Accept custom order as well 


navy blue cap

Navy Blue Cap

999.00 599.00
wrist watch

Xenlex Wrist Watch

1,999.00 1,499.00


  •  Frame Color: Silver
  •  Material: Main Body: Stainless Steel
  •  Back Side: Stainless Steel
  •  Dial Color: Transparent, White
  • Occasion: Functional- casual Beautiful Design Quality Finishing
  • Unique Transparent Design
cap for men

Classic Cap

999.00 599.00

Black cap for men and women 

A hundred% Cotton Made
Fits Most Head Sizes Adjustable Strapback closure
★THE HAT:✔️Classic Washed Cotton Hat. Imported. Low Profile Unconstructed.✔️100% Cotton Made.✔️Lightweight / Durable / Smooth.✔️Adjustable Metal Buckle Back Closure, Great Fit for Most Head Sizes.✔️Dad Hat, Low Profile Unconstructed.✔️Various Color Combinations To Choose From.✔️
★ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE CLOSURE: One Size Fits Most, Comfortable Everyday Fit. Use the convenient steel closure to custom healthy the baseball cap in your head and ensure most consolation and a secure suit at all times. The unisex design makes it definitely best for both men and women
★AN ELEVATED TAKE: Pre-curved visor. 6 Panel Structure. 6 Embroidered Eyelets. A new accelerated take at the traditional baseball cap. Premium cotton, a hint of stretch, and a tender sense carry each luxury and luxury for your day.
★STAY SAFE UNDER THE SUMMER SUN: Stop risking your health and protection through on foot outdoors without ok solar safety. Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and preserve your hair from your face and eyes by wearing this relaxed baseball cap for the duration of all of your outdoor sports. Made of breathable, 100% excessive quality cotton, it's far the appropriate companion for your active way of life.
✔️With masses of styles & seems, it is a first rate & amusing enjoy.✔️Moreover, our customer support is unmatchable and unbeatable.✔️Contact us for anything!✔️Warm your heads today!✔️

shawl for female

Scarf For Woman


Woman Scarf Islamic Scarf 


  • Two Colored Safari̇ Practical Chiffon Shawl (Maroon - Navy Blue)
  • Front bands have two colors with smooth to healthy shape. Extra-long fabric gives a completely unique stylishness to this shawl.
  • You can emphasize this stylishness with a good bun under the shawl. Chiffon is extremely light and clean to use textile.
  • You can wrap this scarf like a bonnet from the lower back or you could casually throw for your shoulders. You don’t need to apply a pin with this version.

دو رنگدار سفاری عبد عملی شفان شال (مرون - نیوی بلیو)
فرنٹ بینڈ کے ساتھ دو رنگ رنگ کی ساخت کے مطابق آسان ہے. اضافی ٹیکسٹائل اس شال میں ایک منفرد سجیلا دیتا ہے.
آپ شال کے نیچے سخت پابندی کے ساتھ اس سجیلا پر زور دے سکتے ہیں. شفان انتہائی ہلکے اور ٹیکسٹائل استعمال کرنا آسان ہے.
آپ اس شال کو پیچھے سے بونٹ کی طرح لپیٹ کر سکتے ہیں یا آپ اپنے کندھوں کو پھینک دیں گے. آپ کو اس ماڈل کے ساتھ پن کا استعمال کرنے کی ضرورت نہیں ہے.

Half White Scarf

Half White Scarf

Rated 4.00 out of 5
999.00 599.00

Half White Female Scarf 


  • Top Quality Ultra Soft & Stretchy Cotton/Spandex combo
  • 2-Way Stretch, Light-weight, cool however Opaque (not see via)
  • All seams are serged for sturdiness
  • The extra-huge hem drapes over the pinnacle of the shoulders
  • Makes an extraordinary faculty or active put on hijab for ladies
Black Scarf

Black Scarf | Hijab

999.00 599.00

Woman Hijab 

  • Ninety% cotton/10%spandex
  • Stays in Place and smooth to style, saves you time
  • Cool gadget wash, cool iron, do no longer tumble dry in the dryer or use chlorine bleach
  • Very versatile big size suits all length girls, packs effortlessly, one piece hijab
  • Opaque, not see thru
  • Superior nice cloth continues beauty after long term wash and wear


جگہ میں رہتا ہے اور سٹائل آسان ہے، آپ کو وقت بچاتا ہے
ڈاؤن لوڈ، اتارنا مشین واش، ڈاؤن لوڈ، اتارنا لوہے، ڈرائر میں خشک ٹرم نہیں کرتے ہیں یا کلورین بلیچ کا استعمال کرتے ہیں
بہت ورسٹائل بڑا سائز تمام سائز خواتین کو فٹ بیٹھتا ہے، آسانی سے پیک کرتا ہے، ایک ٹکڑا حجاب
اوپیرا، کے ذریعے نہیں دیکھتے ہیں
سپریم کورٹ کے کپڑے طویل عرصے سے دھونے اور پہننے کے بعد خوبصورتی کو برقرار رکھتی ہے



Rated 5.00 out of 5

Buy Ahram in Pakistan

Intending to complete Umrah and Hajj? Assuming beyond any doubt, at that point it's miles vital to know about in what way to get into a nation of Ihram as without entering the nation of Ihram, you can't go in Miqat (factors at which explorers at the Hajj). Jump on a heavenly voyage donning Ihram – exhaustive assortment of Ihram to be had now in on-line shopping store; Ihram for Hajj and Umrahs Online shopping at the top notch accuses all through Pakistan of free transport, coins on transport and more noteworthy. Ihram Price in Pakistan recorded on www.Alubaidiya.Pk, is sensibly evaluated; find limited expenses in Ihram Online Shopping.

Purchase Ihram for Umrah and Hajj Online in Pakistan @ alubaidiya.Pk

Ihram (Ahram) is a get wearing exceptional garments, speaking to immaculateness: from bits of white outfits one is folded over the hips, the inverse is over the shoulders. All Hajjis who wears Ihram must go without any searching for creatures, sexual joys, any development prompting discharge, any raunchy demonstration alongside falsehoods, slaughtering even bug on the body, evacuation of hair, for Men's it's miles vital to overlaying the zenith and higher a piece of the foot. There are numerous others activities, Women and Men must avoid while acting Hajj and Umrah.

Umrah Accessories | Free conveyance Nation Wide Buy quality Products On Cheap Priseagift by alubaidiya.pk Pakistan Online Store

Premium Quality Free Delivery



Rated 4.75 out of 5


Ajrak (Sindhi: اجرڪ) is a call given to a unique shape of block-revealed shawls found in Sindh, Pakistan. These shawls show special designs and patterns made the usage of block printing through stamps. Common colors used even as making these patterns may include but aren't constrained to blue, red, black, yellow and green.







Rated 4.50 out of 5





CONTACT US TODAY 03340800018 

ajrak shawl for women

Ajrak Sindhi shawl for Female

Rated 4.50 out of 5
1,499.00 1,299.00

Ajrak (Sindhi: اجرڪ) is a call given to a completely unique shape of block-published shawls determined in Sindh, Pakistan. These shawls display special designs and patterns made the use of block printing by stamps. Common colorings used whilst making these patterns may also include however aren't restricted to blue, purple, black, yellow and inexperienced. Over the years, Ajraks have turn out to be a image of the Sindhi subculture and traditions.

The manner of Ajrak block printing takes time, crew work and special abilities. The 3 major gear of a block revealed fabric are the timber blocks, the material and the dye. It can take five carvers up to 3 days to create an difficult layout in a block of teak to be used as a printing block. The printers can also deplete to 30 blocks to complete a design. Separate blocks are required for every of the colours utilized in a layout and it is not unusual to have four or 5 colorings in a expert design. It can take twenty human beings, each doing a separate undertaking, up to 8 hours to put together a single block printed garment. With all this, the results can only be particular and it seems this system of block printing has been used for hundreds of years and continues to be in vogue.

Alubaidiya.pk brings you the best price for  Cotton Polyester Ajrak Shawl For Women 


Color: Multicolor Ajrak

Material: Cotton Polyester

Shawl For Women

Premium Quality


Kids Abaya


FEATURE - Solid color complete cowl inner hijab caps, brief and conventional layout, seamless, light-weight and stretchable cloth
100% REAL MODEL PHOTOS - What you see is what you will get
MATERIAL - 80% Polyester + 20% Spandex, gentle hand feeling, cozy and stretchy to put on
CARE INSTRUCTION - Wash in cold water and grasp dry, machine cleanable. Hand wash recommended
Loose Fit
Long Sleeve
SIZE - You can check it inside the product description. Please select it in keeping with the ladies top
UNIQUE DESIGN - The major object is a secure and practical two-piece prayer dress for girls/hijab set. Thin and free-flowing Dress comes with an attached smooth, jersey hijab
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Abaya /This abaya may be wrinkled due to its transport, and it's far better to be ironed before sporting

Abaya,hijab,Muslim dress,lubaidiya

Ihram Hijab

2,499.00 2,250.00

Abaya For Umrah 

  • 90% cotton/10percentspandex
  • Made of nice cloth. The cloth does no longer motive hypersensitive reactions. The material is herbal, it'll no longer be heated.
  • Cool machine wash, cool iron, do no longer tumble dry within the dryer or use chlorine bleach
  • Abaya Prayer Dress - Perfect for Hajj / Umrah! Perfect to wear at home, for prayer, or on the mosque. Meant to be worn over your everyday clothing, like a jilbab. Makes an extraordinary present for Ramadan, shahadah, or different special event.
  • U.S. Sizes 12-18, get a MEDIUM; If you usually wear U.S. Sizes 20-24, get a LARGE
  • Muslim clothes for girls is a secure and sensible -piece prayer get dressed / hijab set. Thin and free-flowing get dressed comes with an attached tender and wide hijab. Hijab is sewn collectively with the sleeves (see the photograph how to placed on a fixed), which isn't always hot
Ajrak Sindhi shawl

Ajrak Sindhi Shawl

Rated 4.60 out of 5

Pakistan Traditional Ajrak Shawl 

Buy Ajrak Shawl Premium Quality  Free Delivery Nation Wide Many Pattern Option also available we only deal with Premium Quality 

7 day Return Policy 





Hand MAde Shoe

Smart Leather Shoes

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Men's smart shoes in premium Cow leather with a simple lace fastening and toe cap detail. Classic in design, yet with contemporary detailing, these men's smart lace-up shoes are crafted from smooth black faux leather with stitched seams and punching details. A fashionable toe shape and patterned lining complete the look.

Dark brown Casual Shoes Men

Bristol dark brown shoes


Leather Shoe For Men 

Pakistan hand made the shoe

custom order also acceptable 

Colour: Dark Brown

Simple lines and a classic cut make

for one of the maximum elegant shoes

within the series. Designed to be your

an ideal companion for the ones most

essential moments.



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Shawl for Men

Alubaidiya brings collectively the maximum admired shawls for guys. For there may be slightly any mens ethnic attire whole without the presence of a Shawl. Shawls were used at some stage in centuries and were choices of royalty in view that instances immemorial. Choose from quite a number brilliantly woven and crafted shawls designed in particular for guys, whose flavor suits their style of dressing.

Wallet for Men

Wallets are the right companions for the present day nomads. Specialized compartments in your passport, air tickets, boarding passes, and different travel accessories will make your subsequent adventure a breeze. Avoid remaining minute airport panics with those well-designed Travel wallets.

We Ensure that Wallet for men 100 % Cow leather and Horse Leather Please Don’t Hesitate o Contact us For more details.

First time in Pakistan Alubaidiya Giving Custom Hand Made shoe Option in Pakistan. We Only deal with Pure Leather Hand Made Shoes On Customer Demand. Note Custom Shoes take 12 to 15 day  of time duration No Order will be accepted Until half  payment  Received

Gift Pack 

Gift Pack if you are looking for Premium quality gifts for your Family Friends than alubaidiya is the right choice for you.The present p.C., which would be used for a ramification of excursion promotions, needed to continue to be proper to the unpretentious, rustic craftsmanship permeating the Maker’s Mark brand—the long-lasting Maker’s Mark whisky bottles are hand-dipped in red wax and function hand-cut labels.

Store Near Me alubaidiya Operating all over Pakistan We Deliver your products within 3 to 7 days. Alubaidiya operating more the 80 cities in Pakistan We Try to deliver from our near store to your place so it can save your time


Watch is the best adornment a man can truly put on. It characterizes your style affirmation as folks who put on watches are connoted as responsible, prompt, formal, bearing an intemperate style taste.

In spite of the fact that cell phones have assumed control over the test that watches complete, cell phones can’t inspire your character as a ton as an eye can.

Envision being altogether spruced up with the privilege fit as a fiddle, on point shoes, the most formal sleeve fasteners, what do you watch could celebrate your appearance more, a cell cellphone that everybody has or a confused wrist watch?

In the event that you are at a gathering or an undertaking meeting, think about how untidy and discourteous would it look while you fish to your telephone just to test the time? Wouldn’t something simple like getting a look to your wristwatch appears to be more tasteful?

alubaidiya knows about this reality and accordingly features a choice of vital brands like Casio, Charles Delon, Getit Mate, Julius and others which creates the most tasteful and most exquisite accumulation of wrist observes so one can not best praise your persona but rather may likewise be a shocking expansion on your fabric closet.

Presently don’t fear roughly the event because of the reality alubaidiya has incorporated every last bit of it. Regardless of whether if it’s for a business endeavor meeting, blaze, a bit get together or just your recreation center or swimming time, alubaidiya furnishes you with the correct watch to fix the occasion. Find a broad sort of games exercises, water-confirmation, formal computerized, simple and keen watches and look top notch constantly.

Get these magnificent wrist watches on the most extreme enormous costs, online in Pakistan, least difficult through alubaidiya. What’s more, plot your style proclamation with beauty.


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