Fashion-2018 providing you not only online buying item but also give you information about the latest fashion and its related things so knowing knowledge about fashion it is easy for you to adopt and carry the fashion and style. provide u latest collection of male and female regarding specific things like wallet, watches, shawl, and other latest and unique accessories.

What is fashion?

fashion is a set of trends that have been accepted by a wide audience and fashion is constantly is anything that is currently in. now I am going to tell u what is provide u step by step.

Wallet for men 2018 provided a wallet that is a small, flat case that can be used to carry such personal item like cash, credit card, and identification document driver license, identification card, club card etc., photograph, transit pass, gift card, business cards, and another limited card etc. wallet is generally made of leather and they are usually pocket size but not always you can buy an online leather wallet on our website. our video related to every wallet providing you how to use it’s in an easy and picking manner.

As we know the fact that the way of girl’s heart is through your wallet

so our online buying website is providing men’s wallet in different, acceptable and unique style like business class wallet, crazy horse leather, customize leather wallet with picture and name and zero size wallet, trending men’s magneto wallet that is 100 genuine quality leather and design in Sweden made in Pakistan and reddish magneto wallet, cow leather-like book wallet, texture wallet etc.

while designing alubaidiya Nano, we got a tip from a famous French writer and poet Antoine de Saint.

As Antoine said, “perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing left to take away”.


so we repeated the initial design over and over again; removing the thing that doesn’t need to be until there was nothing left to remove. we will be providing you wallet according to your need, term, and condition, whenever you demand and need and wherever you are in an easy and comfortable way.

Our website will not disappoint you as quality wise, material wise and conveyance wise and the time u will provide. first, visit our website and check the item we are providing and if u need someone else design and item regarding wallet or u want some alternation so recommend us we will try our best to fulfill your need and desire. u can ask any question in your mind and latest fashion and trend. we will provide you with information that u need as design and item. Did u like the way we are providing u information regarding an item please comment us in below, thank you.

Watches for men 2018

Fashion-2018 provide you branded men’s watches and having a stock a huge range of designer watches for men and girls with fast services.

watches play a vital role in our daily work because we have to maintain our work schedule according to time.

our online website will provide you latest unique style of watches for men and girls for office work, college, school life, daily work, and functional watches because we should wear the watches according to the event and function so we can represent our self in a distinctive manner.

our online page will provide guidance as well as the quick response of your desire without wasting your time and every kind of watches that u want to buy because as we know that genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple. believes in Giorgio Armani quotes that a watch is one of the most important things that u buy, it says a lot about a person.

this website will give you a couple of watches, casual watches, and Pakistan top emerging brand and naya Pakistan with naya item.


watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you as quotes by Roald Dahl.

“the arrow in your watches guides you to follow your arrow for achieving your goal in your life”.

we can come to know the importance of watches in our human life whether it is a wall clock or wrist watches. watches providing you the importance of time.

visit our website buy the online watches that you want and get a quick response.

if u want to buy someone’s item regarding watches tell us we will provide you without wasting your precious time.

comment below if you like or dislike anything and give us a suggestion as well. thanks

Men’s label pin 2018

Fashion-2018 will provide you a label pin that you can wear on clothes, coats and wear on the lapel of a jacket if you are not wearing a jacket or tie you can place the label on a dress shirt. this can be wear on the left side of the shirt near the heart.

we have a range of different suiting lapel pin flower in different and unique style and shape.

lapel pin etiquette plays an important role in men’s personality in 2018.

today it is run throughout the world because it gives a nice, hot impact, catching, attractive and acceptable by a wide audience.

visit our website for buying men’s label pin with the latest and up to date style.

we will guide you as according to fashion and how to wear it.

visit check the collection buy and order now with a reasonable and affordable price.

Winter shawl collection for men’s 2018

Fashion-2018 will provide you latest winter collection of a shawl for men with reasonable price and different with hot style.

A shawl is a simple winter item of wool that protects you from cold and give you elegance and hot look that is worn on over the shoulder, upper body.

our website providing you information not only about online buying item but also give you information about latest fashion and its related things so knowing knowledge about fashion it is easy for you to adopt and carry the fashion and style. Quickly visit our website for the latest winter collection shawl for men. our website will fulfill your requirement and taste with fast and friendly service.


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