Color : Chocolate Color.

Size : Small.

What is Crazy Horse Leather ?

As of late there has been a staggering rage about the crazy horse leather.

People has been asking what precisely is crazy horse leather and how it is made of?

We set up a straightforward guide underneath for you to have a superior comprehension about the Crazy Horse Leather.

How is it made of ?

Crazy horse leather which likewise can be alluded as seat leather is made by applying a unique sort of wax to a full grain leather surface that has been smoothed out. The wax improves the leather strands and that way when they are scratched or rubbed, the leather’s regular shading changes its shade that gives the collectible, vintage appearance.

For what reason is it called the Crazy horse leather ?

Crazy horse leather does not originate from horses rather it got the name since this sort of leather is extremely famous with horse saddles, it might be alluded as seat leather.

For what reason does the crazy horse leather feels ‘waxy’? furthermore, appears as though it has scratches on it.

The way toward influencing the crazy horse to leather is by applying a wax to the leather which makes an interesting impact just by giving it a little rubs and scratches, it will make little changes the material’s shade and appearance. This gives it an extraordinary rural, vintage look which ages perfectly after some time. Normally through wear and tear, the crazy horse will progress toward becoming leave scratches, the scratched territories and rubbed regions that demonstrate the adjustments in the shades of hues genuinely reflects to the vintage look.

Preferences of crazy horse leather ?

Crazy horse leather are tough, solid, and obviously its gives an one of a kind look and feel which joins extravagance and old fashioned touch. With the wax connected to the leather, it ensures the leather with water safe and makes it more strong.

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